Consortium for the Protection and Guaranteed Quality of Honey

The Consortium for the Protection and Guaranteed Quality of Honey is based in Baveno in the VCO province, at the province’s Chamber of Commerce; it was started by a group of beekeepers to protect and guarantee the quality of the honey produced in the local area.

The geographical diversity of the area means that different varieties of honey can be produced: Wildflower (“Millefiori”), Mountain Wildflower, Chestnut, Acacia, Rhododendron, Lime blossom and Honeydew (Melata). The Seal of Quality is given only after exhaustive quality control of the products.

The main aim of the Consortium is therefore to maintain the standards of honey produced in this area at the highest level, guaranteeing the excellence of the product for consumers.

Production guidelines are drawn up with the aim of organizing and harmonizing the production and marketing of honey according to agreed methods and quality standards, with the award of a Seal of Guarantee.

The main points of the guidelines are as follows:

  1. safety and protection of public health;
  2. fairness in transactions between economic operators;
  3. environmentally friendly production processes;
  4. honesty and transparency of information given to consumers;
  5. quality control system for the production of individual members.

Panorama of production in the Verbano Cusio Ossola Province
The unique and variegated geographical conformation of the area allows for the production of different varieties of honey, produced on the shores of Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, going up to the highest altitudes of the mountains of Val d'Ossola. There are seven main types of honey that are produced in the area.


  • Nettare D'Amore di D'Amore Pietro

    Mieli prodotti: acacia, castagno, millefiori, millefiori di montagna, tiglio, rododendro, melata.

    Possibilità di acquistare prodotti.

    Via Provinciale, 156, Trontano (VB)
  • Apicoltura Delvescovo Rinaldo

    Delvescovo Beekeeping originated ten years ago as a birthday gift: three boxes of bee donated by my mom, since my passion for bees. Since then it has been a continuous increase oh hives. The company manufactures honey made by mountain wildflower, rhododendron, linden, chestnut, acacia, honeydew. All high-quality honey as evidenced by the premium received by the Rotary Club Pallanza - Stresa for chestnut honey "Goodness in Table" in 2012.

    The store is located in the municipality of Montecrestese - Melezzo, in a new wooden building. The lab is on the road between Masera and Domodossola and is an advanced laboratory for processing honey.

    Opportunity to buy products.


    Via Sant'Ambrogio 9, Druogno VB
  • Azienda Agricola "Tinalba" di Minazzi Piero Ernesto

    Honey produced
    Acacia, chestnut, lime, Multi-flower, rhododendron, honeydew

    Retail outlets
    Company address

    The "Tinalba" Farm is situated on the western shores of Lake Orta in the locality of Nonio. Its hives are positioned in different areas, allowing to produce various qualities of honey such as acacia, chestnut, lime, multi flowers, rhododendrons and honeydew. The honey produced is processed and extracted from the flowers in order to conserve the sediments containing the pollen grains.

    Opportunity to buy products.

    Via Piana, 4, Nonio (VB)
  • Luciano Mantovani Beekeeping

    Honeys produced
    Chestnut, lime, honeydew, black locust

    Retail outlet
    Company address

    The beekeeping business is situated in Montecrestese, the only settlement of the Isorno Valley, and precisely in the village of Chiesa, the main centre of the vast municipal area, at an altitude of 480 metres over sea level, where the bell tower stands, a symbol of the village. The honey is mainly produced from the nectar of lime and chestnut flowers, with a particular aroma of thyme, spread in a remarkable way here and there among the small rocks in the woods and along the bridleways. The business has been run for 30 years and is managed by Don Luciano Mantovani, parish priest of Montecrestese.

    Opportunity to buy products.

    Via Chiesa 18 - Fraz. Chiesa, Montecrestese (VB)
  • Prina Beekeeping

    Honeys produced
    Acacia, chestnut, lime, honeydew, multi-flower and rhododendron (produced in the Natural Park of Veglia Devero).

    Retail outlet
    Company address

    The Prina Beekeeping was born from the passion of Arturo Prina for the ingenious and industrious bees, important for trees, flowers and the environment. The apiary is located in Baceno, surrounded by the greenery. A family-run business, it produces honey from lime, multi-flower of the mountain, chestnut and fir honeydew. The gem of the production is the rhododendron honey, collected at 1,800 metres at the Crampiolo Alp in the Natural Park of Veglia Devero, an uncontaminated oasis of scented flowers, shining mountains and pure air; it is rare and difficult to collect and it is not produced every year. "Our philosophy is: genuineness, purity of the products and great passion."

  • “Ai Pianacci” Farm of Cinzia Gattini

    Honeys produced
    Acacia, chestnut, multi-flower, lime

    The "Ai Pianacci" Farm is a family-run business surrounded by the romantic valley which frames Lake Orta. It began as a leisure activity but soon became a passion and a business. The label and the company logo were a gamble because they reproduce our other great passion: dogs. Today the business has 100 hives and produces mainly chestnut honey, typical of the Cusian area, being a large number of Castanea sativa present throughout the area. It also produces honey of acacia, lime and multi-flower. The hives are conducted without the use of any synthetic chemicals.

  • Luigi Giovangrandi Beekeeping

    Honeys produced
    Chestnut, acacia, multi-flower, lime, rhododendron, honeydew

    Retail outlet
    Company address

    The business is located in Montecrestese. The hives are positioned at the entrance of the Isorno Valley, which was once called ‘the impossible valley’ for its impervious and wild nature. The bees collect in the lime and chestnut woods of an almost uncontaminated nature. An apiary is also positioned in Valle Bognanco, in the locality of Valpiana, home of my ancestors’ previous business.

    Opportunity to buy products.

    Via Egro, 34, Montecrestese (VB)
  • Az. Agricola “I Ross” di Colombo Rossana


    Small fruits, fresh fruits and honey.

    Opportunity to buy products.

  • Farm and Beekeeping of Marcello Camona

    Honey produced
    Acacia, chestnut, multi-flower, lime, rhododendron, mountain flowers, forest honeydew and fir.

    Retail outlets
    Company address, market at Gravellona Toce market (Wednesday), market at Domodossola (Thursday and Saturday).

    The farm business concerning beekeeping started in 1986, although we had already been producing honey privately for fifteen years. Although in recent years there has been a reduction, due to the expansion of animal breeding, of goats and cattle in Crevoladossola, in the locality of Enso 6, we manage a sufficient number of hives in order to be present at the market at Domodossola on Thursday and Saturday, and at Gravellona Toce on Wednesday. The sale of the acacia, lime, multi-floral, chestnut and wood honeydew, is also carried out at the address of the company.

    Via Martiri, 135/A, Gravellona Toce (VB)
  • Rossi Elia

    Opportunity to buy products.

    Via Panoramica 16/A, Baveno
  • Vincenzo Cocco Beekeeping

    Honey produced
    Mountain sycamore, chestnut, lime, honeydew, multi-flower, black locust, bramble

    Retail outlets
    Company address, market at Baveno (Monday), market at Stresa (Friday), market at Domodossola (Saturday).

    I have been collecting honey for 25 years in the Upper Ossola, where the prized Lime Honey comes from, and in the area of the Mottarone and Upper Vergante in general, where I live and where my business is situated. The characteristic Chestnut honey, amber coloured and slightly bitter in taste, the Black locust/Acacia, Multi-flower and occasionally Heather honey and Bramble Honey, come from this area. Thanks to the adhesion of the business to the Consortium for the Protection and Guarantee of Honeys of the VCO and to the breeding technique, exclusively organic, the honeys produced offer the consumer the assurance of a typical and safe product.

    Via Fucine 433, frazione di Graglia Piana, Brovello Carpugnino (VB)
  • “Valle Ossola” Beekeeping

    Honey produced
    Acacia, chestnut, honeydew, multi-flowers, mountain multi-flowers mountain rhododendron, lime

    Retail outlet
    Company address

    The Beekeeping "Valle Ossola" operates on the territory with thirty years of beekeeping experience. "Raising bees, producing honey, reaching consumers through the guarantees of the Consortium for the protection of the honeys of the Province of Verbania Cusio Ossola: this is our commitment." After the springtime blooms, such as the acacia, the hives are placed in the green valleys of the Ossola to collect the nectar of lime, chestnut, multi-flower and occasionally honeydew. At higher altitudes, some apiaries may collect honey difficult to produce on the fine alpine flora, such as the rhododendron.

    Regione Boschetto, 24, Domodossola

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