AMALAKE - Amazing Maggiore

AMALAKE - Amazing Maggiore: Active Holiday on the Lake Maggiore project dedicated to the promotion of a green and active tourism in the areas overlooking Lake Maggiore.

Lead Italian partner:
Monte Rosa Laghi Alto Piemonte Chamber of Commerce

Lead Swiss partner:
OTLMV - Lago Maggiore and Valli Tourist Organization

Project partner:
Varese Chamber of Commerce



Promote and develop the territory in line with the new needs of the public:

It also provides for actions to promote and communicate the Swiss-Piedmontese-Lombardy destination on international markets, with particular reference to new markets (Northern Europe) and the main reference markets.

Expected results

Positioning the destination "Lake Maggiore and its valleys" in the active holiday market and in particular cycling tourism, qualifying the offer through the development of a system of offers, a network of services that generate wide economic spin-offs and the birth of new entrepreneurial initiatives, attracting new flows of visitors, especially from northern Europe.

To increase the attractiveness of the area's international events promote and communicate a positive image of the area, attract visitors, increase the economic spin-offs in the area; Qualify and innovate the tourist offer and complementary services to intercept new flows and generate more added value, containing the possible negative effects on the environment; Promote the naturalistic/environmental elements of the area in terms of tourism.

Make the destination known and support the marketing of the area's tourism products/services in the new markets of Northern Europe and in the main international reference markets.


The project will run  from December 2018 (signature of the agreement with the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme for Cross-border Cooperation Italy Switzerland 2014-2020) until December 2023.


The project benefits from a grant of 1,104,146.14 euros, corresponding to 100% of the expenses foreseen for the implementation of the actions of the Italian side. For the Swiss part, on the other hand, the contribution is 100.00.00 CHF, compared to 244.293.00 CHF of planned expenses.

Conventions and Meetings

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The beautiful countryside around Lake Maggiore offers peerless convention facilities. With its natural and artistic beauties boasts a long tradition in the meeting and convention hosting sector with many excellent venues and services, and unrivalled hospitality facilities. Quality, hospitality and the varied and beautiful scenery make it one of the preferred destinations for visitors from all around the world.