Spring and summer on Lake Maggiore: the perfect seasons to discover the area and enjoy outdoor activities

A "spectacular" holiday of sustainable events

Lake Maggiore has always been one of the most important destinations for business, leisure or celebratory events.

And in recent years, a rich offering of entertainment shows has been added to this traditional vocation, which are particularly evocative because they take place with such an exceptional natural backdrop.

It is precisely to take this special feature into consideration, with the intention to harmoniously integrate nature with human activities, that important events in the programme respect high quality standards and are certified as "sustainable" in accordance with the UNI ISO 20121 regulations, "System for sustainable event management, in the area of the Project "AMALAKE - Amazing Maggiore: Active Holidays on the Lake Maggiore", funded by the Interreg Cooperation Programme V-A Italy Switzerland 2014-2020.

In the 2021 spring-summer season, there will be the opportunity to take part in sustainable events held in the area, some of which are already ISO 20121 "Sustainable Event Management" certified, or in the process of being certified: