The Festival Season Kicks Off in Ossola!

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The Season of Festivals is about to begin in Ossola: The abundant calendar of events that will accompany us until November kicks off in June, in a sort of journey on the discovery of the traditional products from Ossola through the festivals and village fairs.

Here is the 2023 calendar of events:

Cherry Festival - Anzola d'Ossola: June 16-17-18
Rye Festival - Montescheno: June 17-18
Potato Festival - Montecrestese: August 23 to 28
Grape Festival - Masera: September 8 to 11
Mushroom Festival - Trontano: September 15 to 17
Traditions in Festival - Varzo: October 8
Walser Hapfla Fest - Formazza: September 30 - October 1
Polenta Festival - Cuzzego: Oct. 1
Biancolatte - Crodo: October 21-22
AppleHoney Festival - Baceno: October-November