Oltre il giardino (Beyond the Garden)

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Oltre il giardino (Beyond the Garden), curated by Ilaria Macchi, is the new Asilo Bianco exhibition. A journey inside the magnificent rooms on the main floor of Villa Nigra in Miasino, among the hills overlooking Lake Orta.

The artists Linda Carrara, Matteo Giuntini, Lorenzo Gnata, Leila Mirzakhani, Barbara Stimoli and Titta C. Raccagni will be participating in the collective exhibit which examines the intimate and instinctive relationship of human beings with nature and how this relationship is filtered by the artist's plan that conveys it to the observer.

Our way of relating to nature is essential to describing ourselves and our society. Art has always been a privileged medium for exploring this relationship, from the first representations of cave paintings in the Paleolithic era to contemporary installations and musings.

Oltre il giardino investigates all this, without forgetting its highly political and social significance: As human beings, we are part of the natural world, and our lives are intimately intertwined and connected to the surrounding environment. However, our relationship with nature has always been filtered, marked by conflicts and exploitation, behaviors that threaten the health and wellness of everyone and everything, including ourselves.

The inauguration is scheduled for Saturday May 27th, at 5 pm, followed by the performance of the artistic duo Titta C. Raccagni and Barbara Stimoli created in collaboration with the CROSS Project. A time for meeting and intra-action of matter, between human bodies and stones. The performance will be part of the exhibition as a video installation. The presentation of the catalog is scheduled for Saturday July 1st. 


from May 27th to July 23rd

Thursday to Sunday, 2:30pm to 6:30pm

Free admission

© Photo di Francesco Lillo