Milano da Romantica a Scapigliata

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The new captivating exhibition MILANO DA ROMANTICA A SCAPIGLIATA (Milan from Romantic to Scapigliata) at Novara Castle from October 22nd to March 12th, conceived of and produced by the Municipality of Novara, the Castello Foundation, and Mets Percorsi d'Arte with the patronage of the Piemonte Region, the European Commission, the Province of Novara, the Municipality of Milan, and Banco BPM as Main Sponsor, aims at illustrating the changes that occurred in Milan between the 1810s and the early 1880s, by means of more than seventy masterpieces by the major protagonists of nineteenth-century figurative culture active in Milan.

The exhibition itinerary is divided into eight sections that follow the course of the rooms of the Visconti-Sforza Castle and traces the evolution of Lombard painting from Romanticism to Scapigliatura, a cultural phenomenon born in Milan in the 1860s that involved poets, writers, musicians and artists who were united by a deep feeling of intolerance towards the conventions of bourgeois society and culture.

The works on exhibit include some by, among others, Francesco Hayez, Giovanni Migliara, Luigi Premazzi, Luigi Bisi, Giuseppe Canella, Angelo Inganni, Giuseppe Molteni, and Giovanni Carnovali known as Piccio, by the brothers Domenico and Gerolamo Induno, by Federico Faruffini, Filippo Carcano, Mosè Bianchi, Tranquillo Cremona and Daniele Ranzoni

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