Bettelmatt season 2022 is ready, an excellence of alpine cheeses

Branding has begun, to make it unique and recognisable
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Bettelmatt, production 2022, an excellence of alpine cheeses, is ready to be enjoyed on the tables of gourmets and lovers of good cheese.

The branding process started at the beginning of September and will conclude at the end of November, in order to brand all the cheeses that are produced during the summer months in the 7 mountain pastures at an altitude of over 2000 metres, in the high mountains of Val Formazza and Alpe Devero, in the Upper Ossola. This essential operation takes place under the careful analysis of Agenform technicians and the Unione Montana Alta Ossola, which has always been responsible, as the owner of the Trademark, for control and management, to certify the product and its uniqueness. Bettelmatt is one of the very few cheeses that, in addition to the brand mark, bears the following on its rind: Name Alpine pasture - Date - health approval number.

The eight producers tell of an early season, with an abundance of pasture, which, however, was ruined by the drought, which allowed for a quality production, but much lower.

Associazione Produttori Bettelmatt