Vigezzo Bike Land is born

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The new and important activities for the promotion of outdoor tourism in Valle Vigezzo were presented during the press conference on Tuesday July 19 in Santa Maria Maggiore: thanks to the funding of the Interreg PAES.CH.IT. and the Program Agreement signed with the Region of Piemonte in 2019, the Unione Montana Valle Vigezzo, together with the company Vigezzo & Friends and other Italo-Swiss partners, illustrated a new piece of the broader project to enhance Italy’s and Switzerland’s sustainable tourism offer

Starting from the development and restoration of the new trails in the Piana di Vigezzo area and exploiting the synergistic and financial opportunities made available by the Interreg project and the Regional Program Agreement, work has been done on strengthening the network of routes and excursions that interest the entire Valle Vigezzo, involving all the municipalities of the area.

The existing routes have therefore been mapped and collected in a new paper publication, reorganized and accompanied by useful information to facilitate the understanding of the territory by the bikers who choose Valle Vigezzo.

Vigezzo Bike Land is one of the results of the strategic plan developed by the Unione Montana of Valle Vigezzo. In this specific case, it is the result of a virtuous collaboration with the manager of the Piana di Vigezzo district, the Vigezzo & Friends company, which, following the public tender, has been managing the facilities owned by the Vigezzo Authority since 2020.

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