Between the Nineteenth century in Vigezzo and contemporary art

Landscape, portrait, still life
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Between the nineteenth century in Vigezzo and contemporary art is the new exhibition route of Casa De Rodis, in Domodossola (VB), open from July 2nd - inauguration at 6pm -, to September 4th.

Landscapes, portraits, still lifes are three of the genres most frequented by artists of all time. Fixed points that have accompanied the history of art for centuries, apart from movements and currents.

A transversal research path organized by the Poscio Collection and the Rossetti Valentini School of Fine Arts Foundation with the aim of establishing a multi-voiced dialogue between the nineteenth century and the contemporary era. The exhibition, curated by Giorgio Caione, takes place right in front of the viewer and reveals itself to him/her as a bridge, a link and a connection among works that belong to different eras, capable of creating a game of resonances and echoes, be it thematic, symbolic or emotional.

Free admission

Opening hours: Friday 3pm–7pm | Saturday-Sunday 10 am- 1pm and 3pm-7pm




Collezione Poscio