International Chimney Sweep Meeting

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It's official: after two years without the black men, Santa Maria Maggiore will once again take possession of the last event that Covid-19 had cancelled from the rich calendar of the Vigezzo capital.

The National Association of Chimney Sweeps - in agreement with the Municipality of Santa Maria Maggiore - has therefore chosen to organize the 39th edition of the great gathering, an event full of charm that celebrates the memory of the black and ancient trade of the chimney sweep.

Hundreds of chimney sweeps, accompanied by the tools of the trade, colored with soot on their faces and wearing traditional work clothes, will return again this year to Italy from all over the world: their destination has always been the Val Vigezzo, the valley of the chimney sweeps. Because from here emigrants from Vigezzo, adults, but also children, left in search of fortune and work, not only in the plains of northern Italy, but also and especially abroad.

Again, the most eagerly awaited moment this year will be the big parade that will start at 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 4th and will wind its way through the entire center of Santa Maria Maggiore, while on Saturday, September 3rd, Re will host the national and international delegations, for the usual day dedicated to the Val Vigezzo that, in the morning, will also include the customary homage to the monument of the little chimney sweep of Malesco.

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