Rampigada 2022: Trail Running and Vertical

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This year the Rampigada event will be divided into two dates, since the Vertical race will host the Skyrunning World Championships.

August 21 - Rampigada Trail Running

This year' s Rampigada Trail Running, scheduled in San Domenico di Varzo (VB) on August 21, is organized by ASD San Domenico Sport and is now in its ninth edition.

It will be developed on the now classic loop route, about 21 km for more than 1,200 m of positive and negative height difference, spectacular and highly scenic, in the wonderful context of Val Divedro and Alpe Veglia Natural Park,

The registrations to the Rampigada Trail Running are already open and you can register online on the official website of the event.

September 9 - Rampigada Vertical

The 2022 edition of the Rampigada Vertical will be decidedly special, as it will be valid as World Championship of Skyrunning, in a three-day event that will draw all the strongest athletes from all over the world into Ossola.

The Rampigada Vertical will be held on the classic route that starts from San Domenico (1,420 m above sea level) and arrives at Dosso, at an altitude of 2,483 meters.

The weekend will continue with BUT SkyUltra, Saturday, September 10, and the Veia Skyrace, Sunday, September 11. 

Rampigada official website