Trail del Calvario

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The Trail del Calvario, scheduled for October 3, 2021, is an evocative route: it starts from Piazza Mercato in Domodossola, the heart of a magnificent medieval old town; taking the Via Crucis it climbs up to the enchanting Sacro Monte Calvario Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Sanctuary, the park, the remains of the ancient Castello di Mattarella and the exclusive gardens.

The route leads along beautiful paths and historic mule tracks, past stone huts with slate roofs, typical of the Ossola Valley, and picturesque hamlets around Domodossola.

The route
18 km and a positive height difference of 950 metres to be covered in pairs.

The Mini Trail
10 km with a positive height difference of 450 metres.

Part of the proceeds of the event will be donated to charity.

Registration is open from 1 August 2021. To register click here: