Malescorto 2021

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The program of the 2021 edition of Malescorto, scheduled from July 27th to July 31st, is as always rich: the heart of Malescorto is linked to the projection of some short films from the Official Selection shown every evening at 9 pm at the Municipal Cinema of Malesco. Saturday, July 31st will be the final day, with the awards ceremony and the showing of the winning shorts.

In addition, there will be many events that are in anticipation of the main body of the review devoted to shorts from all over the world: among the many, the Malescorto Special Award stands out, which is a showing of the shorts of the Special Selection "Voluntary work and Solidarity" and "Territories".

And more: "Malescorto introduces itself", an initiative which was created thanks to the collaboration of numerous shopowners from Malesco, Finero and Zornasco as well as some partners, will be held from July 26th to July 31st,. For six days it will be possible to participate in special events, take advantage of discounts on services or products. In return you will receive a scratch ticket and will have the chance to win great prizes.

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