Enjoy your holiday in complete safety

The new 2021 tourist season is arriving and will be decisive at a national and international level in the relaunching of this sector, which has been particularly punished by the pandemic.

In the current circumstances, still characterised by having to coexist with the virus, the operators at the tourist destination of Lake Maggiore and its valleys have sufficiently prepared themselves to face the great challenge of this period: guaranteeing all tourists and visitors a calm, relaxed holiday that they can enjoy in complete safety.

With this goal in mind, as well as a widespread sanitising, hygiene and distancing system, the tourist offer has focused on the planning of activities and the development of those done in the open air, in order to enhance visitors' experience with a combination of safety, sustainability and quality.

Thanks to the diverse multimedia information tools available, every tourist can be guided through their holiday experience with specific suggestions and recommendations to help them discover and enjoy the charm of the area in complete safety.
To allow visitors to fully enjoy a pleasant, relaxing holiday, everyone working in the tourism industry, both public and private, has put all their effort into adopting all the necessary and appropriate measures in accordance with the national security protocols.

This means that all of the accommodation facilities, both hotels and other types, catering and local transport systems, commercial businesses, and places of tourist interest, from museums to villas, from places of worship to sports facilities, have taken great care to adopt the prevention guidelines provided by the aforementioned protocols.
The beauty, charm and excellence of the tourist offer at Lake Maggiore, with its valleys, villages, nature trails, islands, botanic gardens and villas, mountain paths, sanctuaries and sites of art, spirituality and pilgrimage, is available to tourists from all over the world, in complete safety.

For Lake Maggiore and its valleys, being ready and up to the challenge is the best way to welcome all of our visitors, even the most demanding, and we are confident that we always offer the best in every circumstance.