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Alta Verzasca Bike 399

Brione Verzasca (Ticino), Switzerland
Length (Km) 8,9
Time 1:10
Average speed (km/h) 9
Starting altitude (m) 730
Arrival altitude (m) 910
Hightest point (m) 930
Lowest point (m) 730
Altitude difference (m) 280 uphill, 110 downhill
Period Da primavera ad autunno
Waytypes Singletrack: 2,76 km
Path: 2,73 km
Road d’accesso: < 100 m
Cycleway: 224 m
Street: 1,24 km
Strada: 940 m
Unknown: 1,01 km
Surfaces Natural: 219 m
Unpaved: 3,68 km
Dirt road: 1,46 km
Asphalt: 2,01 km
Unknown: 1,57 km


It is mainly a flat route located in the upper part of Valle Verzasca that takes us from Brione Verzasca to Sonogno, typical mountain villages rich in charm and culture.

The route takes us along Verzasca river, next to the "Sentierone" or "Sentiero Verzasca", one of the most suggestive itineraries in Switzerland.

The route, in addition to guaranteeing breathtaking views, offers the possibility of stopping for refreshment and has areas equipped with grills in places where you can rest, recuperate and have a bite to eat.

© Ascona-Locarno Turismo

Photo© Ascona-Locarno Tourism, Alessio Pizzicannella



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