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Macugnaga: Nordic Walking between Lake Delle Fate (of the Fairies) and the Città Morta (Dead City)

Macugnaga (VB), Italy
Walk & Hike
Length (Km) 6
Time 2
Average speed (km/h) 3
Starting altitude (m) 1360
Arrival altitude (m) 1390
Hightest point (m) 1390
Lowest point (m) 1220
Altitude difference (m) 190 uphill, 160 downhill
Period Estate / Autunno
Waytypes Alpine hiking trail: 457 m
Hiking trail: 916 m
Path: 4,12 km
Road: 343 m
Surfaces Alpine: 457 m
Natural: 305 m
Unpaved: 4,69 km
Asphalt: 390 m


The itinerary, overall 12 km long, starts from Macugnaga, Pecetto hamlet and continues towards Staffa, Isella, Motta, Lake Delle Fate, Città Morta, Motta, Isella, Opaco, Pecetto.

The route extends along a dirt road and some asphalted surfaces and there is a difference in height of 250 meters (maximum altitude in Pecetto 1367 meters - minimum altitude in Isella 1247 meters)

The recommended period for the itinerary is from May to October.

Data source: © Municipality of Domodossola - 


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