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From Bieno to Re via the Val Grande

Bieno (VB), Italy
Length (Km) 33
Time 14
Average speed (km/h) 2
Starting altitude (m) 340
Arrival altitude (m) 680
Hightest point (m) 1860
Lowest point (m) 330
Altitude difference (m) 2060 uphill, 1720 downhill
Period From spring to autumn
Waytypes Alpine hiking trail: 16,5 km
Hiking trail: 10,2 km
Path: 1,72 km
Street: 610 m
Road: 3,25 km
Unknown: 803 m
Surfaces Alpine: 10,5 km
Natural: 7,95 km
Unpaved: 2,39 km
Paved: 7,29 km
Asphalt: 3,93 km
Unknown: 1,05 km


ATTENTION: the itinerary is very long and demanding, so it is advisable to organise overnight stays in order to spread the route across several days. You can spend the night in Cicogna or at the Pian di Boit bivouac (closed until the end of the current health emergency: at this time, therefore, the route is feasible for those who bring a tent to pitch only in the immediate vicinity of the bivouac).

The itinerary starts in Verbania Suna, on the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore, and continues in Val Grande - through Val Pogallo - to end in the Valle dei Pittori, the Vigezzo Valley.

From Suna, in the direction of Cavandone, the itinerary follows an asphalt road (which will become a mule track) leading to the slopes of Monterosso. It continues along the Sentieri del Monterosso until arriving in Cavandone; after passing the village, one descends towards Bieno. Along the San Bernardino river, one continues towards Cossogno.

The route proceeds on a slight slope, reaching Cicogna, a village that separates Val Pogallo from Val Grande.

One then crosses Val Pogallo, through beech woods and ancient shepherds' paths. Along the Rio Pianezzoli stream, one arrives at Pian di Boit and Alpe Terza, crossing a path through a steep wood.

Continuing on to Bocchetta di Terza, the trail descends into the Finero valley. After reaching Alpe Prebusa, one crosses the river and arrives in Finero.

Past the village of Finero, one leaves Val Grande and enters Val Vigezzo to discover the natural oasis of Pian dei Sali and the village of Re.

NOTICE: The Cossogno - Cicogna section is temporarily not recommended. Alternatively, it is possible to take the road from Rovegro to Cicogna, which is surrounded by greenery and has little traffic.


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