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Sacro Monte - Tre Croci - Forte di Orino

Varese (VA), Italy
Walk & Hike
Length (Km) 18
Time 6 hours
Average speed (km/h) 3
Starting altitude (m) 600
Arrival altitude (m) 850
Hightest point (m) 1190
Lowest point (m) 600
Altitude difference (m) 810 uphill, 560 downhill
Period All the year
Waytypes Alpine hiking trail: 3,12 km
Hiking trail: < 100 m
Path: 10,7 km
Street: 375 m
Road: 3,20 km
Unknown: 886 m
Surfaces Alpine: 2,11 km
Natural: 369 m
Unpaved: 401 m
Dirt road: 8,90 km
Paved: 4,29 km
Asphalt: 822 m
Unknown: 1,41 km



The route begins in Prima Cappella, a hamlet of the Municipality of Varese.

A characteristic pathway that winds among 14 17th century chapels and two other arches leads us to Santa Maria del Monte, in front of the fountain and the statue of Moses.

We continue to the left, arriving in the old town centre and walk along Via del Ceppo to Piazzale Pogliaghi, a panoramic balcony overlooking the Lombard Prealps.

We take Via Monte Tre Croci and follow the path that leads to the Valico delle Pizzelle and reach the terminus of the former Funicular and the Grande Albergo Campo dei Fiori, a panoramic viewpoint.

We walk up the steps above the Grande Albergo Campo dei Fiori and arrive at a small church and Monte Tre Croci, another panoramic point on the hills of Varese, Como and the plain.

We continue along the path to Piazzale della Batteria where a cannon is located and enjoy an enchanting view of the mountains and valleys.

We turn right onto the asphalted road leaving Pensione Irma on the right and follow path n.7 , highly panoramic but not too easy, which runs along Punta Paradiso and leads to Punta di Mezzo and Forte di Orino.

We reach the "Pratone" with a panoramic view of the pre-alpine lakes and the plain.

We descend to the path n.1 and turn right to Forte di Orino. We retrace the path n.1 reaching Piazzale Belvedere and then Santa Maria del Monte and Prima Cappella.


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