Casa del Profumo - Polo Museale

Santa Maria Maggiore
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Casa del Profumo” is a wonderful addition to the museums of Santa Maria Maggiore and will officially open in July 2017.

The museum houses various artefacts that guide visitors in their discovery of the history of Eau de Cologne, the formula for which was created by Giovanni Paolo Femminis, who originated from Crana, a small hamlet of Santa Maria Maggiore, and emigrated to Germany at a very young age, finally settling in Cologne.

Aqua Mirabilis, originally created as a soothing essence and subsequently, in 1727, recognised for its medicinal properties by the University of Cologne, where it was presented by Giovanni Paolo Femminis, later became a highly sought-after perfume.

The ground floor houses a small display of the herbs and essences used in the original recipe as well as an information point and small shop.

A wonderful greenhouse and the grounds are also open to visitors.

More details

Small car park in Piazza Risorgimento.
More parking available 200 metres away (Piazza Mercato).
The Santa Maria Maggiore station of the Vigezzina-Centovalli railway is 300 metres away (a five-minute walk).