Intra rediscovers the frescoes in the dome of St. Victor

The restoration has brought to light the frescoes after more than a century
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The frescoes portraying four scenes of the Passion of St. Victor, made by Francesco Maria Bianchi, came back to light in the dome of Verbania.

The first phase of the restoration is finished.
The work began in September 2015. The cleaning of the dome lasted a year: three times than expected because in addition to the black pall, the restorers had to remove the enhancements that had distorted the original drawings.

Now another year of activities is expected: the transept and the apse will be ready by October 2017, then it will take another six months to restore the aisle.
By June 2018, the Basilica of San Vittore will be a "bright church" as in the early nineteenth century.

Ph. Danilo Donadio