Skiing in the Neveazzurra ski area

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After the snowfall of the last weekend, that really gave a start to the 2015 ski season in in the mountains of Lake Maggiore, many ski resorts of the Neveazzurra ski area have successfully opened their slopes.

Depending on the amount of snow that will fall in the near future, skiers will be able to choose between the ski resorts of Alpe Devero, Baitina of Druogno, Mottarone, San Domenico, Domobianca, Macugnaga and Riale.

The slope of the Sagersboden is currently closed, but you can take advantage of the chairlift, regularly open daily from 9.00 to 16.30.

In Macugnaga, a ring of 2 km at the Belvedere allows you to cross-country skiing, both with the classic and mixed technique, at the foot of Monte Rosa. The opening of the ski lifts is variable depending on weather conditions.

In Domobianca the tracks of Prel, Piroia, Muro, Slalom and Slalom bis, Baby, Lavancale and Selvagrande are open; the ski lifts are open daily.

All the ski lifts are open also in San Domenico, while the only slopes currently closed are the Casa Rossa and Dosso. Three interesting news make the stay on the snow in San Domenico even more enjoyable this year: the new six-seat chairlift, recently inaugurated, the Bus of the Snows, departing from Domodossola and Varzo, and the baby sitting service directly on the ski slopes.

The ski resort of Mottarone has currently opened two ski lifts and three slopes.

The Baitina di Druogno opens its facilities for the weekend, from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 17.00.

We suggest you to consult the websites of the ski resorts for the latest information on the state of the slopes and ski lifts.