Libri in cammino

9th edition
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The Val Grande National Park is the wildest and widest area throughout the Alps. Great to visit and fascinating to discover, alone or accompanied.

Thanks to its magnificent scenery, the park has been able to influence and inspire writers and journalists who love these lands.

Thus was born the festival "Libri in cammino" dedicated to the special line in which literature and mountains blend, and the paper allows one to remember, understand and appreciate the mountain in all its aspects.

Distributed over four weekends, the meetings provide a presentation of a book on Saturday night, an overnight at a night shelter or hostel and a hike on Sunday.

This is the program of the 2014 edition:

  • May 17 to 18: Chamois and other ungulates - Cossogno
  • July 5-6: Discovering the logo of the Park - Trontano
  • August 30 to 31: Altars in the prehistoric wild Val Grande - Cossogno
  • 4 to 5 October: Chamois and other ungulates – Trontano