Veglia-Devero Natural Park

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The Veglia-Devero Natural Park, a complex of high valleys enclosed by the Antigorio, Divedro and Formazza Valleys, is one of the loveliest places in this area and in the whole of the Alps. It has a wealth of fascination and is perfect for hikers who want to experience Alpine nature at its most splendid.

Veglia (4,120 hectares) and Devero (6,674 hectares) are both wide glacial cirques surrounded by the peaks of the Lepontine Alps, in particular Monte Leone (3,355 m). Both areas have characteristic high mountain scenery, with woods of larch, mountain pine and Norway spruce growing to an altitude of over 2,000 m. The forest floor is thickly carpeted with rhododendrons and blueberries.

Invariably present in the landscape are the extensive cattle pastures (grazed mostly by Alpine Brown cows) of the ancient rural civilization. The whole area is rich in streams, rivers and Alpine tarns. Bird and animal life abounds: you can hear the whistles of marmots (and may be lucky enough to see some) and see a Golden Eagle wheeling in the sky, and you may catch a glimpse of ibex, chamois, mountain hares, stoats, badgers and squirrels. The rare black grouse is found all over the area, as is the rock ptarmigan, the common frog and the Alpine newt.

There is a vast network of marked trails, including straightforward hiking trails and others aimed at expert climbers. Three nature trails have been laid out in Alpe Veglia and one in the protected zone of Devero; these are easy paths punctuated by observation areas with illustrated panels giving information about the environment and its geology, morphology, flora and fauna.

The nature trails are:

  • Devero – Vallaro – Codelago (1 h 30 min): Walk of general interest in the protected zone of Devero.
  • Tour of the Veglia cirque (1 h): Walk of general interest along the cart track round the Alp going through all the ancient rural settlements, with two short detours to see the Giant’s kettles formed by the River Cianciavero and the Rio Mottiscia mineral water spring.
  • Floral Trail (2 h 30 min): A themed itinerary to discover the flora along the scenic trail leading into the Park from Alpe Ciamporino. A new chairlift (open in summer) takes you from San Domenico to Alpe Ciamporino.
  • Glaciation Trail (3 h): A themed itinerary to discover glacial rock formations. Starting from the Veglia plateau and ending up at the foot of the Aurona glacier, you will learn how the land was shaped by the glaciations of the past.

The Park is covered with snow for as long as 7 months a year. You can go downhill skiing in Alpe Devero (lifts), but the Park is especially popular for ski mountaineering, with a large variety of itineraries.

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