Lagoni di Mercurago

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The self-guiding thematic routes accompanying us in the visit to this Park, a protected naturalistic area established in 1980, are four: the route of humid zones, of woods, of productive activities and the archaeological one.

The park, 473 hectares wide, which stretches at the back of the south end of Lake Maggiore, is a large green lung constituted by woods, meadows and pasturelands including the characteristic habitat with wide calm pools and small silent marshes. The origins of the place date back to the end of the latest glaciations, when some resurgence came to the surface amongst the ancient deposits of boulder clay of the area generating these attractive "Lagoni".

All who come here for a walk, either on foot or on bike, establish a direct and spontaneous contact with the fascinating natural richness of the place. Amongst the typical water and marsh flora, some rare species like Drosera Intermedia and Ninfea Alba can be found. Amongst the different broad-leaved and fir-tree zones constituting the prevailing wood surface, large meadows widen, set aside for the pasturage of pure-bred horses. Together with amphibians, reptiles and small mammals, more than hundred species of birds (sedentary, wintering and of passage) animate the environment: amongst them mallard, water hen, grey heron, kingfisher, grebe, cormorant...

In order to overcome the sheer naturalistic aspect, here is the archaeological route, an intriguing itinerary leading to the visit of two necropolises: one at Motto Lagone, dating back to the golasecca period (6th-5th century B.C.), with 10 hollow tombs in big slab of stone, the other at Motto Caneva, (2nd-5th century A.D.), with other 10 hollow tombs realized in various materials with different techniques.

Together with the Fondotoce and  Dormelletto Reserves, the Parco dei Lagoni is managed by the Ente Parchi e Riserve Naturali del Lago Maggiore (Lake Maggiore Nature Reserve and Park Centre): Tel. (+39) 0322-240239.

Parco Naturale dei Lagoni di Mercurago