Monte Fenera Natural Park

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Established in 1987, this natural park (with a surface area of 3,300 hectares), which also extends to a part of the Vercelli territory of the Sesia Valley, takes its name from the mountain (899 m. a.s.l.) that stands majestically on its own within the borders of the park.

Situated in a geographical position that is baricentric with respect to the Novarese plain, the Sesia Valley and Lakes Orta and Verbano, it represents a rich and interesting context. Among the large groups of sedimentary rocks, Karstification gave rise to numerous caves, passages and deep wells, which today are the destination for many speleological explorations.

In some of these cavernicolous formations remains of prehistoric fauna have been found, such as the bones of the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus, which became extinct 20,000 years ago), as well as a lot of ethnological evidence belonging to the various Ages. These range from the distant Paleolithic era to the more recent Middle Ages (many of these finds are preserved at the Civic Museum of Paleontology and Paleoenthology of Borgosesia).

The flourishing flora encompasses approximately thirty botanical species that are exclusive to the Mountain, including the Alpine Daphne (a glacial relict) and sixteen species of ferns, including the Venus" fern, the Osmunda regalis (royal fern) and the Hart's Tongue. In 1994, the nesting of the black stork was recorded.  This is a very rare species, which since 1996 has become the subject of detailed research and study programmes promoted by the Park's Board.

Also worth mentioning are the fascinating rural village of Ara, the castle of San Genesio above Grignasco, the ruins of the castle of Robiallo above Bettole and the distinctive "Taragnan", the huts with straw roofs that used to be farmers" and locals" dwellings during the 8th and 9th centuries.

There are many trips to choose from and some also have picnic areas; a unique opportunity to drown oneself in an enchanting and fascinating environment. 

For information:
Parco Naturale del Monte Fenera
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