The Uriezzo Gorges

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The Uriezzo Gorges are deep ravines, which were hollowed out by the erosive action of the rushing water, which flowed under the ice that once covered the entire Formazza Valley. Today, dry and thus easily accessible, they probably represent the most faithful image of the ancestral moulding of this territory, which is extraordinarily rich in evidence of geological history, which evidence is fascinating and unique in its kind.

Gorges, (Baceno, Arvera, S. Lucia, Balmasurda, Silogno) geysers, (those of Croveo), pot-holes (for example " the pot-holes of the Giants" in Verampio) and ravines (like the Balmafredda gorge) create mysterious surroundings, which welcome visitors in the bowels of the earth.

The distinctive feature of the Uriezzo Gorges is that since water no longer flows through these narrow and deep incisions in the rock, it is possible to walk inside three of them (the fourth one is barely accessible and it ends with a leap into a torrent of water). The most spectacular spot is undoubtedly the South Gorge, which is about 200m long and between 20 and 30m deep and which is called "the Tomba d'Uriezzo" (The Uriezzo Tomb) by the people of the area. Signboards and metal stairs guide the visitors.

The rocky bottom is not always visible because it is often covered by a layer of soil and alluvial material. The existing complex ecosystem is another notable feature: various plant species can easily be observed, particularly mosses and ferns, which are able to adapt themselves to these difficult environmental conditions.