The Valle Segnara Nature Path

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Water, Sky and Land, three elements of nature that make up the key words when creating a truly special itinerary: the Valle Segnara Nature Path, a suggestive route for trekking and nature lovers, offers the best of all three.

Valle Segnara is a secondary valley of Valle Anzasca, which borders with nearby Valle Strona, one of a kind for its uncontaminated landscape rich in flora and fauna, a protected area that stretches from Calasca to Alpe del Lago. Poor accessibility and little human presence in the area means that the natural heritage of the territory has been well preserved, a heritage that is today of great interest to many mountain lovers.

The nature path, which is signposted along the way, is made up of three parts, each one refering to an element of nature: water, land and sky.

The water path, which starts in Calasca and ends in Alpe Segnara, follows the Segnara brook, in an area where vegetation and faurna are closely linked to the presence of flowing water.

The second part of the path, called Land, starts in Alpe Segnara and continues until Alpe Camino. Along this section, among broad-leaved and conifer woodlands, you can come across a wealth of fauna, including roe-deer, boars and badgers as well as the characteristic nuthatches and great black woodpeckers.

The third part of the path, Sky, stretches across Aple Camino until you reach Alpe del Lago in an almost forest free, open area. Here, if you look up, you are likely to see birds of prey including buzzards, sparrowhawks and eagles. The vegetation in this zone is largely made up of larches.

Visitors are advised to complete the nature path during spring and summer from April to late September.