Saint Peter and Saint Paul of Crevoladossola

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How to get

By train: Domodossola Station, Ferrovie dello Stato. Timetables:;
By bus: bus for Crevoladossola, line   Domodossola –Cascata del Toce. Or Circular North Line. Timetables:
By car: Motorway A26 in direction for Gravellona Toce, from here SS33 of Sempione, pass Domodossola, exit for Crevoladossola. It is recommended to leave the car in the car park below the church in via Edison and to walk up along the short track.


Of Romanesque style, clearly visible in the bell tower, the parish church of Saints Peter and Paul Apostles, was built in the sixteenth Century. In front of the white marble façade of Crevola, a wall delimits the churchyard where it opens on an entrance arch decorated on its sides by four reliefs.

The presbytery, garnished almost like a chapel, according to the structural and ornamental precious late Gothic complexes, is the work of Ruffiner, who worked mainly in the Valais region. The precious stained glass windows, including in the diaphragms of the rose window and four windows that give light to the presbytery, are attributed to the master glassmaker Bernese Hans Funk in the period of its greatest expressive maturity. The subjects represented in the stained windows testify the Franciscan religiosity, evident in the references to the Passion and Eucharist, spread in Ossola by the Friars of Domodossola, as in religiosity sprang by popular cults very frequent in the mountain, such as the cults of San Rocco and Sebastiano invoked during the plagues, San Antonio Abate who protected the herds and San Cristoforo protector of travelers.

To complete the history of the beautiful church of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Museum of Sacred Architecture in Crevoladossola, housed in the nearby ancient home parish, illustrating the historical and artistic evolution of  the sacred architecture from Ossola  distinguishing three thematic areas: the history of religious architecture, the church, the territory of Crevoladossola.

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Saint Peter and Saint Paul of Crevoladossola
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