Outlet Lindt

Cassano Magnago
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How to get

A8 Milan - "Laghi" toll motorway, Gallarate exit, continue in the direction of Cassano Magnago


The first visitor area houses a small museum telling the story of the Lindt company and its chocolate. The rest of the room is dedicated to a small coffee counter and a shop displaying and selling bars, desserts, cocoa, chocolates, pralines, Lindor products and assortments.

If you wish you can purchase a 5 Euro card with which you can obtain discounts on a range of products.

PRODUCTS: Lindt produces delicious chocolate, prepared in a special couching process that gives the characteristics for which Lindt chocolate is famous. The company’s most popular products include chocolate bars in many different varieties (plain, milk, white, high cocoa content, hazelnut, fruit etc.). The Lindt Excellence range offers superb quality products for connoisseurs. Lindt pralines come in such an assortment that it is impossible to describe them all, but special mention should go to the dried fruit pralines (hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts), the liqueurs (rum), chocolate assortments, mini bars, etc.. Lindor pralines are certainly the best known, and probably the best pralines available, and are adored by chocolate lovers for their smooth, “irresistible, melt-in-mouth” centres. Lindt pralines are also available in different varieties: plain, milk, white, etc..

Lindt also manufactures excellent products for desserts, including cocoa powder, chocolate ingredients, and wafers. At Christmas, Lindt produces various boxes of chocolate assortments, chocolate snowmen, Santa Klauses, and gift baskets. At Easter Lindt produces different varieties of Easter egg. A choice of gifts can be included on request. PRICES: The company shop sells at prices below the recommended retail price. For example, pralines are available at 26-28 Euros/Kg (compared to 38 or more), while desserts sell for 2 Euros and bars for 3 Euros.

More details

from Monday to Saturday 10.00 am -13.00 pm / 2.30 pm - 7.00 pm
Sunday closed