Chimney Sweep Museum

Santa Maria Maggiore
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The picturesque little town of Santa Maria Maggiore in the centre of the beautiful Vigezzo Valley is home to the unusual Chimney Sweep Museum, the only one in Italy.

This is one of the most innovative museums in Piedmont Region, offering an interactive tour involving visitors in a multisensory experience. You walk through an actual chimney, placed horizontally, over a highly atmospheric physical and metaphorical route accompanied by sounds, poetry, and music.

Chimney sweeps are practically unknown to us nowadays, but for centuries they were familiar figures in the Vigezzo Valley, an important part of the local economy. Their story is told here through their tools and other objects, publications, and thought-provoking personal accounts.

For information on opening hours and to purchase tickets, contact the Santa Maria Maggiore Town Council.

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Town Council of Santa Maria Maggiore
Tel. +39 0324 95091