Tones on the Stones

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Tones on the Stones is a festival of theatre, music and dance which has been held every July since 2007 in the historic stone quarries which are a feature of our province. These “stone theatres” are a uniquely intriguing setting for the artists, some well-known, some emerging, but all of whose performances take on an almost surreal quality in such surroundings.

Performers of classical or modern dance, acrobats, singers, musicians and actors take advantage of the immense scenic potential offered by the great white granite walls of the quarries. Like huge cathedrals carved out of the rock, the quarries’ atmosphere of geometric beauty and majesty give the performances a haunting quality irreproducible in another setting.

This blend of art and nature, the contrast between the dynamic character of the human presence and the eternal immobility of the stone, make a “Tones on the Stones” performance an extraordinary experience.

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seasonal from July and August

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Maddalena Calderoni