Park of Ticino

Sesto Calende
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The Park of the Ticino follows the course of the River Ticino, and covers an area of 91,410 hectares in Lombardy and 6,561 hectares in Piedmont.

The Park boasts a striking biodiversity; the variety of its environments, including water courses, conifer, moorland, and wetlands, has permitted a grand total of 4,932 species of fauna, flora and mushrooms to find their habitat within its confines.

There is a wide range of flora comprising many different species of flower – mallow, toothed orchid and violets, to name but a few – and trees such as oak, hazel, hawthorn, mulberry and poplar.

The fauna is rich and varied, both in the water and on the land. There is an abundance of water birds – purple heron, white stork, mallard – and birds of prey like the sparrowhawk and the peregrine falcon, as well as nocturnal species like the tawny owl and long-eared owl. Mammals that may be glimpsed include squirrels, wild rabbits, foxes and stone martens.  Moths and butterflies are also abundant.

The River Ticino is home to amphibians like frogs and snakes, but above all a variety of fish such as bleak, eel, carp, chub, trout, whitefish and perch.

Since the Ticino area has always had strategic importance for the civilisations who lived in it, a number of historic strongholds were built on its banks, primarily the castles of Vigevano, Somma Lombardo and Pavia, which are open to visitors.

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts are well catered for in the Park, with guided nature walks, cycling or horseback riding along Via Verdi, or even a ride in a hot air balloon over the Park. Water sports enthusiasts can go for excursions by canoe or rubber boat on the river.

And don’t forget the pleasures of the table – the Park is an ideal place to buy rice, maize meal, flour, ham and salami, barley and honey directly from local firms participating in the venture “Ticino Park – Controlled Production”.

You can reach the Park from different directions by car, train or bus.

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