Intervention by the President of C.C.I.A.A. VCO Tarcisio Ruschetti

Tomorrow the tourist season on Lake Maggiore officially begins. The Borromeo Islands, the internationally renowned symbol of our territory re-open. Today we inaugurate a project which has the same objectives: make ourselves known, attract visitors and provide a positive and attractive image of the territory

The project Letteratura sulle alpi aims, in reality to achieve further results.One of its aims has already been achieved: the creation and development of a new partnership between Verbano Cusio Ossola and Canton Vallese. Over 40 Italian and Swiss institutions are involved: if we add the 200 young volunteers from last year's edition of Letteraltura we begin to realise how much energy is put into it.

Another aspect which must not be overlooked, is the cultural aspect: in my opinion this is also linked to the forecasted economic results. What is a pair of Nike without the World of images, desires and ambitions it represents? What would Tuscany be today if it hadn't been able to link culture, environment and territory?

Culture and the quality of the territory are important capital, both for the territory and firms within that territory. A high quality territory attracts tourists, new residents and investors. Cultural activity improves the life of all citizens and promotes creativity and innovation. Products have a content that is always linked to experience: the characteristics of a territory can be used by companies to increase the non-material value of products.

In a moment that is anything but easy resources are needed to confront the crises but also the courage to invest in the future. Economists would say that it is necessary to constantly create and re-create the right conditions for a healthy territory. The strengths of our territory include the quality of life, the environment and the landscape and its social and cultural history, which make up some of the biggest tourist attractions on offer (islands, villas and gardens). It is on this front that the project Letteratura sulle Alpi lies.

These are our reasons for taking part in the construction of the Interreg project. The creation of wealth for companies and the territory is one of The Chamber of Commerce's aims and it is with this in mind that we read reports on the development and strengthening of the territorial capital, or rather joint resources (innovation human capital, etc.) which are the foundations of development of Verbano Cusio Ossola. Lit Alps is therefore a part of the territorial marketing strategy. With regards to our efforts, the Chamber of commerce has taken on the task of carrying out over 160,000 worth in activities over three years, a part of which is covered by the Interreg contribution.With reference to the many forecasted initiatives, we are paying particular attention to communication.In February we hired one of the most prestigious if not the most prestigious sector agency to carry out press office activity on a national scale for the festival Lago Maggiore Letteraltura. The agency is Mara Vitali Comunicazione from Milan, which takes care of communication activities, including: Mantova Literature Festival, Mi-To Settembre Musica, the well known tourism magazine Traveller, numerous publishing houses and artists. One of the objectives we have given Mara Vitali is to increase the presence of the Festival in tourist magazines.

Finally, I would like to highlight one further aspect. The mountain is at the heart of this project - in the sense that it should be considered a part of our wealth. This idea upturns somewhat a prejudice that we ourselves as mountain folk often have. The idea of the mountain as isolation, unkempt and in need of help. We have turned this idea around, using the mountain as a resource, together with the lakes in an original and happy partnership.

Allow me to add one closing note: one of the benefits of the project is the reduction of, if not the total efforts of various sponsors, then at least the economic effort, particularly with reference to the public partners involved.


Tarcisio Ruschetti