History and Folk Museum of Lower Valsesia

Romagnano Sesia
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The History and Folk Museum of Lower Valsesia is housed in the 19th century Villa Caccia, currently owned by the Town Council of Romagnano Sesia. Some of the Museum’s exhibitions have been installed in the restored part of the complex, including the section on Country Civilization.

The Museum illustrates a civilisation which has made full use of the possibilities of its land and traditions, thanks to the hard work of its citizens, farmers and craftsmen. We have been able to collect, catalogue and conserve a large quantity of valuable material with indispensable help from the local people, who have donated hundreds of objects, photographs, and books to the museum.

The displays in the museum are many and varied. You can start from the section devoted to Country Civilization, with a vast array of objects, tools, and agricultural machinery, including a massive 13 metre-long wine press. The next section, on Wine Production, displays implements used in wine-making and illustrates the various stages of production. The several rooms devoted to Crafts and Trades show the variety of tasks performed by men and women through tools and products of everyday use, along with a large collection of historic photographs.

Domestic and social life is effectively shown in the realistic reconstructions of rooms like the kitchen and bedroom, or the school and the tavern.

Admission free.

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Open from April to October
Sunday from 2.30 PM until 6.30 PM

Schools and groups: upon reservation