The Faraggiana Ferrandi Natural History Museum

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The Faraggiana Ferrandi Natural History Museum displays a rich collection of zoological exhibits, in Piedmont second only to the Natural History Museum of Turin. There are 300 specimens of mammals, 640 of birds, and 130 of reptiles, amphibians and fish from all over the world, as well as animal hides, skulls, horns and hunting trophies.

Some of the exhibits are of species which are very rare or at risk of extinction, such as a pair of Siamang gibbons (Symphalangus Syndactylus), a Red Panda (Ailurus Fulgens) and the extremely rare Amur Leopard (Panthera Pardus Orientalis) and Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia).

The museum is laid out in 12 rooms, each illustrating a specific topic. These are Classification and Evolution (from Linnaeus to Darwin), Geographical Distribution of Animals, Fauna of the Mediterranean maquis, Africa, the Poles, Asia, Himalayas and Tibet, Tundra and Taiga, Woodlands (Deciduous and conifer), Wetlands, and Human Environments.

The museum focuses on the importance of biodiversity in preserving the natural equilibrium of the great ecosystems of the earth, and aims to raise awareness of this vital issue.

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Open all the year
Closed on Monday
From Tuesday to Sunday from 2 pm until 7 pm
Thursday from 9 am until 12 pm just for schools

"Paolo e Adele Giannoni" Gallery in Palazzo Broletto:
From Tuesday to Saturday: from 2 pm until 7 pm
Sunday from 10 am until 7 pm

Booking required for groups

Faraggiana Ferrandi Natural History Museum