The destination “Lake Maggiore, its valleys and its flowers” takes part in the CMT in Stuttgart and at Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht

From 17th to 25th January the tourist destination Lake Maggiore, its valleys and its flowers will take part in CMT, the Holiday Show in Stuttgart, the first big German tourism show of the year with sections dedicated to caravans, golf, health and fitness, trekking, cruises and cycling tours, which will be held in the new exhibition centre of this German City.Participation at CMT is a part of the scheme to promote the territory's resources in the form of the project entitled Art and environment: discovering the territory, developed in collaboration with the Novara and Varese Chambers of Commerce, and with the main public and private companies and associations in the Lake Maggiore area involved in tourism. The aim is to offer international markets a chance to get to know more about the territory surrounding Lake Maggiore, including the mountains of Ossola, Lake Orta, Novara and its hills, the territory of Varese and Locarno. The show will be open daily from 10am til 6pm and until 8pm on Monday. About 1,850 exhibitors from 95 different nations will all come together in a display area of about 80,000 m2. The expected number of visitors for this year's show is about 225,000.

After the Caravan Show in Dusseldorf, this is the second most important caravan fair in Germany. Over the show's 9 days there will also be many other coinciding events. In the first weekend, an entire wing will be dedicated to cycling tours and excursions, whereas the second weekend from 22nd to 25th January two events will be on offer: one dedicated to the appeal of motor vehicles (cars, bikes and free time) and the other to cruises, golf and health and fitness. For the golf and heath & fitness show about 18,00 visitors are expected.The destination Lake Maggiore, its valleys and its flowers will take part in the CMT as a sole destination with its own stand situated within wing 4 of the centre, where the new , third edition of Manuale di vendita [sales manual] will be given out in German together with lots of promotional material regarding the territory surrounding Lake Maggiore, the Ossola Mountains, Lake Orta, Novara and its hills, Varese and Locarno. The new edition of the Sales Manual in German contains general information about Lake Maggiore and detailed information on specific areas of the territory, including: the upper, central and lower regions surrounding the lake, the Ossola Valleys, Varese and the Lombardy based shores of the Lake, the hills and vineyards of novara. Accommodation structures (hotels, camp sites, B&Bs etc.) of the entire area are included. Right now the destination Lake Maggiore, its valleys and its flowers is present at the stand run by the Regione Lombardia at the Vakantiebeurs show, the biggest tourism show in the Netherlands, held in Utrecht about 40 km from Amsterdam from 14th to 18th January.

At this show will be possible to distribute the English version of the Sales Manual to sector professionals.The next event that Lake Maggiore will participate in will be Ferie for Alle, held in Herning, Denmark from 20th to 22nd February. For further information visit the official websites of the events or contact Company Promotion and Territorial Development Services on: tel. 0323 912833 - fax 0323 922054, e-mail: