Mark of Quality for Hotels and Campsites

We are now at the home stretch for the announcement of the consignment of the 2008 Mark of Quality for hotels and campsites.The Verbano Cusio Ossola Chamber of Commerce promotes the mark of quality for hotels in collaboration with Federalberghi Novara Verbano Cusio Ossola and ISNART, and the mark of quality for campsites in collaboration with F.A.I.T.A. and ISNART. The mark of quality is a voluntary certificate which aims to add value to and develop the hotel enterprise, with the objective of increasing the level of tourist quality and creating uniform characteristics, recognisable on a national and international scale.The mark is an important guideline for the tourist as it should satisfy all requirements and needs through the guarantee of elevated quality standards, and it is also a fundamental promotional tool for the hotel industry, ensuring visibility on the market, a transparent image and clearer choice for the client.

Hotels and campsites in the provincial territory that are still not holders of the mark, may apply for selection by presenting the request form to the V.V.C. Chamber of Commerce. S.S. del Sempione, 4 28831 - Baveno, by Friday 6th July 2007

Documents, contract details and question forms are downloadable from the site Participation is free of charge.Hotels and campsites that already have the mark of quality for 2007 may receive an evaluation visit between July and September for their 2008 renewal. For further information you may contact the chamber's offices on 0323.912805/912810, e-mail: