Golasecca civilization

Sesto Calende
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The Golasecca culture which developed on the Po Plain in the late Bronze Age takes its name from the place called Golasecca, where the Abbot Giovanni Battista Giani made the first finds in the 19th century.

The Golasecca culture is known mainly for its burial customs; the burial sites, at some distance from the villages, were situated along the main communication routes, often close to peat bogs and marshy ground not used for agriculture.

The most important burials were in raised locations, surrounded by the so-called (if improperly named) cromlechs: stone circles or alignments. The traditional burial rite of this ancient civilization involved the cremation of the body and burial of the ashes in terracotta urns along with grave goods.

You can see an accurate reproduction of a stone circle burial in the public gardens of the Giovanni Siviglia Park.