Springs of Bognanco

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How to get

By car: the A26 motorway continues as the Simplon dual carriageway. Take this road and follow the signs for Bognanco.
By train: the nearest railway station is Domodossola; there is a public bus service to Bognanco.


Bognanco is a village situated in the valley of the same name, a short distance from Domodossola. Its historic mineral water springs, active since 1863, were the first in Italy to be authorized to market water nationally. 

The story of the Bognanco waters is intriguing: a local girl discovered their distinctive taste when she drank from the spring and actually thought the liquid was a sort of grappa. The parish priest, Fedele Tichelli, an expert naturalist, realised that the water had beneficial and curative properties, which was confirmed in 1863 by a Swiss chemist, and six years later by Dr Albasini, and bought the spring.

Bognanco water has been bottled since 1906, and became well-known to a wide public in the twenties. The Ausonia spring water is beneficial for the stomach, duodenum and kidneys, the water from the San Lorenzo spring for the liver, the bile ducts and the digestive system; the oligomineral water from the Gaudenziana spring is used in treating gout and chronic inflammation of the urinary system, and helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Today Bognanco is a prime tourist resort, offering a range of spa facilities such as carbon baths, thermal mineral water treatment, and aerosol therapy. The Bognanco Spa also offers massotherapy, alkaline steam inhalations, balneotherapy, water massage and sauna.

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