Verbano Cusio Ossola at Eire 2007

The Verbano Cusio Ossola territorial system will take part in Expo Italia Real Estate 2007 which will be held from 22nd to 25th May in the new Milan exhibition centre in Rho/Pero, at the Centro Estero per l'Internazionalizzazione SCPA Stand

Padiglione (Wing) 4P, Stand n. H01-H09, K02-K10

The consolidated collaboration between the chamber of commerce, Verbania, Domodossola, Omegna and Vogogna councils  Central councils for information - and provincial Administration centre, has guaranteed the presence of The Verbano Cusio Ossola area at the most important Italian territorial promotion showcase, for the second year running.

As a matter of fact, EIRE is the ideal location for public offices that need to attract Italian and foreign investors for the sake of development and territorial and urban re-qualification.

Participation at EIRE 2007, one of the most important international real estate shows, is one of the actions and policies promoted by the Chamber Association's in partnership with the Central Councils and the provincial administration centre aimed at consolidating a networked territorial system where territorial marketing is concerned and also to support the strategies chosen by those involved in local development.

This important real estate event in Milan is an opportunity to promote a territorial development programme which has the main aim of increasing Verbano Cusio Ossola's sustainability.

The plan is the fruit of the recent decision by the consortiums for all local associations within the territory (Councils and Mountain Municipalities), to partake, with the support of Provincial Administration and the Chamber of Commerce, in the drawing up of an Integrated Territorial Programme (P.T.I.), to present to the Piemonte Region in order to obtain Community and regional funding from the framework programme.

It is an innovative and positive experience in which an entire province is projected as a territorial system under the common denominator of environmental protection and intervention quality.

Productive innovation, territorial re-qualification, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are the main intervention themes that articulate this development programme created thanks to a process of participation that involves institutions and single individuals alike.

These are the themes that will be discussed at the press conference:

Verbano Cusio Ossola:an environmental quality development programme

Held onThursday 24th May at 11.00am At the Stand Centro Estero per l'Internazionalizzazione SCPAPadiglione 4P, Stand n. H01-H09, K02-K10

The participants:

Giuseppe Moroni - Presidente CCIAA VCO Marino Barassi Assessore Pianificazione Strategica Comune di Verbania Francesco Pesce - Assessore Personale e Cultura Comune di Omegna Marco Zago - Sindaco del Comune di Vogogna Carluccio Alberganti - Assessore Attività Produttive Provincia VCO Roberto Ripamonti Arch. Coord. Progettazione Territoriale Integrata