Lake Agaro

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How to get

By car: the A26 motorway continues as the Simplon dual carriageway. Take this road then follow the signs for Crodo, then the SS 659 to Baceno.
By train: the nearest railway station is Domodossola, 24 km.


The beautiful Lake Agaro lies at the top of the Antigorio Valley, and is reached from Baceno. Just outside the Alpe Devero Natural Park, it is an intriguing place of great interest.

To get to the lake, take the road from Baceno to Goglio, and continue up the road towards Alpe Devero as far as the turnoff for Agaro. From here an intermittently surfaced road leads to the entrance to a long tunnel which you have to go though on foot or by bicycle, with the essential aid of a torch. At the end of the tunnel the lake appears in its verdant setting amid spectacular Alpine scenery.

What gives Lake Agaro its slightly eerie fascination is the fact that it was formed by a dam built in 1938, and submerged an ancient Walser village; when the water is low, the roofs of the houses and the spire of the church tower can be seen emerging from the clear water. The submerged village of Agaro was one of the oldest in the area, along with those of Salecchio and Ausone, which today are also deserted.