Four products, one territory: the 6th edition of “Serate di Gola” (“Evenings of Gluttony”) is ready to start.

The culinary initiative “Serate di Gola” (“Evenings of Gluttony”), a series of appointments dedicated to quality and traditions in food and hospitality of our territories, is back.

The 8 organized appointments (the first on is set for May 9th at the Agritourism “Chiara” in Madonna del Sasso) will be held in the facilities belonging to the network of “Small Traditional Hotels and Mountain Hospitality”, facilities characterized by family hospitality, love for local culture, passion for the tradition and architectural harmony with the landscape.

Protagonists of the evenings are, without any doubt, the products of the food-agricultural associations that the Chamber of Commerce of the VCO Province has been supporting across the years: honey from the Consortium “Tutela e Garanzia Mieli del VCO”, cold cuts from the Association “Brisaula della Val d’Ossola”, cheese from the Association “Craver Formaggi Caprini del VCO” and the small berries from the Association “Blu Frutti”.

The presence of the producers at the evenings is of fundamental importance: indeed, according to the subjects involved in the initiative, to value something means to make the people aware of the products, describing the features, the story and the processes of production. This has to be done by those people who aim daily to pass on the tradition in harmony with the innovation changes and strive to achieve the best quality.

“Excellent raw materials blend with the culinary traditions, with the chefs’ creativity and with the love for hospitality crating a perfect duo between production and food service” underlines Cesare Goggio, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the VCO Province. He also adds: “I invite you to take part in this initiative since I am confident that you will spend some lovely evenings dedicated to tradition, quality and happiness”.

Witnesses of the success of the initiative are the participants themselves: indeed, during the last two editions 300 feedback sheets were collected and 90% of the people being interviewed assigned the maximum score of satisfaction. These sheets also revealed that more than 30% of the participants came from outside the Province and 10% were foreign.

The calendar of the scheduled evenings, with the menu and contacts of the facilities can be found at the following website and

Booking is necessary in order to participate by contacting directly the facilities.

Evenings’ calendar

Saturday, May 9th Agritourism Chiara – Madonna del Sasso

Friday, May 15th Restaurant Piemonte Da Sciolla – Domodossola

Friday, May 22nd Restaurant Village Yolki Palki – Località La Gomba, Bognanco

Saturday, May 30th Restaurant-Hotel Miramonti – Santa Maria Maggiore

Saturday, June 6th Restaurant-Hotel La Baita Alpe Crampiolo, Parco Naturale Devero – Baceno

Friday, June 12th Agritourism Al Motto – Cambiasca, Frazione Comero