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To the discovery of Cannobio

Cannobio (VB), Italy
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Length (Km) 1,47
Time 30 min
Average speed (km/h) Undetermined
Starting altitude (m) Undetermined
Arrival altitude (m) Undetermined
Hightest point (m) Undetermined
Lowest point (m) Undetermined
Altitude difference (m) Undetermined
Period Undetermined
Waytypes Undetermined
Surfaces Undetermined


Departure point:  

Cannobio (VB), Italy

How to get there:   

By bus: bus for Cannobio, line Verbania – Brissago. Timetables:

By boat: boat for Cannobio, line Verbania – Cannobio – Locarno. Timetables:

By car: A26 motorway in direction of Gravellona Toce, exit for Baveno. Follow in direction Verbania S.P.167 up to Fondotoce, then S.S.34 del Lago Maggiore up to Cannobio.

General Description:   

Itinerary around the city to discover the medieval architecture of Cannobio, the last town you meet on the shores of Piedmont on the Lake Maggiore before the border with Switzerland. The findings of some graves, of possible pre-roman age, attest of the antiquity of the first settlements in this site which, for its geographical position, had a strategically and commercial importance.

The route:   

The itinerary crosses the main streets of the old town center. Leaving from the old district of the fishermen (via Magistris) to discover the charm of medieval architecture, which initially develops around the old headquarters of the civil power, the palace of Reason now called "Parasio", and the tower, then transformed in a bell tower. Continuing along Via Umberto I you can perfectly see the urban medieval structure. The historical trade vitality of the city is still well represented today by the numerous buildings of the 17th – 19th century overlooking the cobbled streets of the old town as the 16th century home of Palazzo Omacini and Palazzo Pironi whose structure recalls the bow of a ship. Along the current via Giovanola you go up towards the 18th century Church of San Vittore, with its Romanesque bell tower. Another religious building noteworthy is the Santuario della Santissima Pietà, sanctuary, where in 1522 happened the miracle called miracle of the "sacra costa", the “sacred rib”. To celebrate this event, on the 7th of January is the Lumineri celebration: on this occasion the lakeside of Cannobio is lighted with candles arranged along the streets of the town and on boats moored in or off the harbor.

Useful information:   

Ufficio Turistico di Cannobio, Tourist Information Office:  - Tel. +39 0323 71212 – 71393

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