Lm Shop: the Household just a click away in your own home!

In recent months, 7 companies belonging to the Association "Lake Maggiore Household" have started selling their excellence through the e-commerce channel in a very unique shape and high added value.

LM Shop, this is the name of the e-commerce portal, accessible by typing the address www.lm-shop.it, not only is configured as a platform for online sales but also as a vehicle to communicate and promote the companies, events, and the territory of the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola.

Calder snc, Metallurgica Italo Ottinetti srl, Metallurgica Motta Ltd., Spices & CO. by Daniela Groppetti, Cerutti inox srl, Household STO Ltd and BB&B Bianchi Casalinghi snc decided to experiment on-line sales through the creation of the portal "LM Shop" developed by Netycom Srl., and managed by Ideas Srl, a company created ad hoc.

The initiative is organized by Fedora, a special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of VCO, leader of the project "Promoting excellence, Enhancing innovation: Lake Maggiore Household" funded by the POR of the Region (Regional Law 34/2004).

The user who decides to buy online in a few steps, thanks to a user friendly interface, can buy an item, get to know fairs and events where the excellences of the household are participating and see the large collection of products designed to embellish our kitchen and our table.

Currently, there are about 200 products divided into three "collections": "Aparecchiare la città", "Classic" and "Limited Edition". In the first category we find the exclusive sale of new products designed by Ghigos, capable of transforming everyday objects into trendy ideas that can make the kitchen a place of style and fun with a touch of creativity.

The "Classic" collection represents the great tradition of the household of the VCO, from the steel products to those made ??of wood or aluminum, that can satisfy the needs of even the most experienced cooks.

The "Limited Edition" is designed as a promotional line in "limited edition", as the name suggests, that is designed to have all the quality of our products at exceptional prices.

Lovers of social networks can keep up to date, receive a preview of curiosity and information thanks to the facebook page "LM Shop" or through the Twitter page "LM_Shop_social", as well as the new social Pinterest page "LMShopSocial".

With the arrival of Christmas let's visit Lm Shop website and think of some Christmas gift completely made ??in Italy!