Lago Maggiore Casalinghi: mission accomplished!

The three days of meetings between foreign companies and the households organized by Fedora, a special company of the Chamber of Commerce of Verbano Cusio Ossola, have just ended.

The mission saw the participation of 20 international buyers from Austria, the UK, Hungary, India, Iceland, Spain, Czech Republic and Russia and 11 companies belonging to the Syndicate Association "Lago Maggiore Casalinghi": Calder snc, Cerutti Inox srl, BB&B Casalinghi snc, Metallurgica Motta srl, Spezie & Co, Ruffoni srl, Legnoart srl, Casalinghi STO srl, Top Moka Italia srl, Metallurgica Ottinetti srl, Eppicotispai srl.

On Monday afternoon at the Hotel Splendid in Baveno was held a first welcome between buyers and companies in the beautiful garden by the lake. Giuseppe Calderoni, Chairman of Fedora, gave his special greetings to the representatives of foreign companies.

The word then passed to the representatives of the companies and to the entrepreneurs who presented a preview of their companies showing their internationally recognized top products: from objects in wood, to graters and pepper mills. At the end of the presentations Davide Crippa, designer of the study "Ghigos", involved the attentive audience with his project "Setting The City" which aroused the curiosity and interest of the buyers.

La missione e? stata organizzata con il supporto professionale di “Melting pot” di Rosaria Brambilla, una realta? locale che da mesi opera per l’internazionalizzazione delle nostre aziende.

Nei giorni di martedi? 4 e mercoledi? 5 giugno, l’evento e? entrato nel vivo. Durante la mattinata di martedi? i buyer sono stati divisi in due gruppi: uno ha iniziato un vero e proprio tour in azienda mentre l’altro ha potuto sviluppare accordi di business direttamente nello showroom predisposto in albergo. Nel pomeriggio, i gruppi si sono scambiati potendo concludere il tour iniziato durante la mattina. The mission was organized with the professional support of "Melting Pot" of Rosaria Brambilla, a reality that since months works for the internationalization of our companies.

In the days of Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 June, the event came alive. During the morning of Tuesday the buyers were divided into two groups: one started a real tour of the company while the other one was able to develop business agreements directly in the showroom arranged at the hotel. In the afternoon, the groups exchanged being able to finish the tour started in the morning.

Always Tuesday June 4, a gala dinner at the "Piccolo Lago" Restaurant of Mergozzo was held in the evening . Chef Marco Sacco presented a menu fully prepared in order to enhance the technical and stylistic peculiarities of the tools of our companies, showing how these objects are able to facilitate professional chefs in the preparation of the dishes from the most simple to the most elaborate one.

The "three days" ended during the morning of Wednesday withe the last part of the tour of the companies. During the final buffet buyers were able to leave their feed-back on the initiative promoting our companies with full marks. Mission accomplished!

The initiative is part of the project "Promoting excellence, promoting innovation: Lago Maggiore Casalinghi" funded from the LR 34/2008 by the Piedmont Region.