Lago Maggiore Casalinghi: factory tour for 15 buyers from all over the world

May 29 2013

From Monday 3 to Wednesday 5 June the households of Lake Maggiore will host an "incoming mission" which will see the participation of over 20 international buyers from the UK, Austria, Hungary, India, Iceland, Spain, Czech Republic and Russia and 10 companies belonging to "Lago Maggiore Casalinghi".

The initiative is organized by Fedora, special company of the Chamber of Commerce of Verbano Cusio Ossola, and is part of the project "Promoting excellence, promoting innovation: Lago Maggiore Casalinghi" funded from the LR 34/2008 by the Piedmont Region.

The initiative is part of the activities to support the internationalization of enterprises in the household sector, which recently led local companies to Frankfurt Trade Fair for Environment (February 2013), to Chicago for the International Homeware & Household Show, to Miami (March 2013) and Helsinki (May 2013) for BtoB meetings.

During the three days the buyers, in addition to the warm welcome reserved for them by the Chamber, will be able to see and touch in many occasions the products of excellence in the houseold sector. Saturday 4 and Wednesday 5 June, the buyers will visit the companies directly in their factories "breathing" the life of the companies and the know-how that distinguishes them.

After returning from the companies tour, the buyers can taste the products of our territory in a gala dinner scheduled at 20.30: there will be food products of the VCO and recipes artfully prepared thanks to the use of the many products of the household sector, object of the incoming mission.

It is important to remember that the brand "Lago Maggiore Casalinghi" was founded in 2006 to seize the opportunity to promote the whole supply chain in international markets in a coordinated manner: the goal shared by businesses and local institutions is to improve the characteristics of culture, traditions, creativity, work and design of local production companies and industries. Three are the "areas" with respect to which the candidate firms to use the brand are evaluated by the certification Rina SPA:

To date, 12 companies have been certified "Lago Maggiore Casalinghi".