New Series of "Serate di Gola" food tasting evenings

Traditional local produce and cuisine, quality, devtion to our local culture. These are the keynotes of the programme of food tasting evenings "Serate di Gola", scheduled to begin on 31 March in restaurants of the association "Small Traditional Hotels and Mountain Hospitality".

The press conference to launch the programme will be held at 11 a.m.on Monday 26 March at the Chamber of Commerce in Baveno. Along with Tarcisio Ruschetti, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, which is coordinating the event, representatives of the associations involved will be there: the Assocation of Small Traditional Hotels and Mountain Hospitality, the Consortium for the Protection and Quality Control of Honey from the Verbano Cusio Ossola, Crava - Goat's Cheese, and Brisaula from the Ossola Valley. Two experts in the field of local produce will also be present - Michele Corti, lecturer in Mountain Breeding and Grazing Systems at Milan University, and Francesco Nota, master taster of the O.N.A.S., the National Organisation of Salami Tasters.

The Press conference will be followed by a tasting session with the bresaola, goat's cheese and honey produced by members of the associations.

Now in its third year, the programme includes eight evenings, and runs until 2 June. The evenings will see the participation of experts and producers, making the evnt not merely an occasion for eating, but an opportunity to meet people who work tirelessly with skill and experience to maintain the quality of local produce.

A booklet containing all the details of the programme is available free of charge from the Chamber of Commerce in Baveno.

For further information and details: Servizio Promozione Camera di Commercio V.C.O. - Tel. 0323.912820 -