The charm of tradition in Casalbeltrame


Departure from Novara and arrival in Casalbeltrame.

Casalbeltrame preserves and protects a unique area, the Nobles farmstead, in which there is the Ethnographic Museum of the agricultural tool "'L çivel". Within the large space there are 5 churches, from the largest to the smallest (nicely defined "Matryoshka" churches), in an original architectural backdrop.

In the morning the visit of the museum starts under the long hallway where there is a theory of tools for working in the fields: plows, from the most ancient and rudimentary up to the most functional of the XX century, many carts and farm wagons.

Then a multimedia course about the rural tradition narrated by the voice of the “Camminante” divided into four periods:

  • winter: ground preparation and waking in the stable
  • spring: rice harvesters and the world around,  and silkworms
  • summer: farmyard life, harvesting, threshing, drying and weighing 
  • autumn: the Cistercians and the religious brotherhoods in the area.

Lunch at Trattoria La Pentolaccia to taste the flavors of this beautiful area.

In the afternoon visit to Villa Bracorens Gautieri, headquarter of Artis Pagus Foundation, whose efforts are aimed to culture, art, history and taste. In the park of the villa there is the Ginkgo Biloba which, with a circumference of m. 5.85, won the Italian record of its kind.

Before leaving, stop at La Poderia; this workshop combines Novara typical products to the Italian traditional flavors: black rice "Venus", that was born in Casalbeltrame in 1996, white and red rice,  Piedmont wines, some products of Liguria and finally the most famous cheese of Novara, Gorgonzola.

Return to Novara in the late afternoon.

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