Vigezzo Valley Kid Goat Show

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The Mostra del Capretto Tipico Vigezzino (Vigezzo Valley Kid Goat Show), which has been organised by the Vigezzo Valley Consortium of Farmers and Breeders for the last 27 years, will be held in Santa Maria Maggiore on 9th April.

The show will take place in the area known as Centro del Fondo and is an important event for breeders to meet and exchange information. There will also be plenty of opportunities to explore the tastes of the Vigezzo Valley: from goat and sheep milk cheeses to cured goat legs, known in Italian as ‘violini di capra’ for their resemblance in shape to a violin, which is salted, aged and eaten in much the same way as Parma Ham. Trading of the kid goats will start at 12 pm, followed by a delicious traditional lunch at 12.30 pm that will be hosted by the Vigezzo Valley Alpine Groups in the covered area of the Centro del Fondo. Children’s activities will start at 2.30 pm.

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